Where does the Lord find you today?  Are you doing well, healthy in mind, body and spirit?  Or is your life sort of a mess, disorganized in your personal life or your spiritual life as well as perhaps physically in regard to your health, your house keeping, your meal planning, your time management, etc.?

If you are like most of the women I talk to, you probably have some areas that need some work, some attention.  However, you don’t know where to start!  You are so busy that to even add one more item to your “to do” list would probably make you throw in the towel or cry.

Well, that’s what this blog is going to do.  My goal is to take you down the pathway towards a more organized you.  We are going to talk about getting more organized in our mind, body and spirit as well as with our relationships, our homes, our jobs – everything that needs to be taken care of in our busy lives.

I will send out this blog once a week, though sometimes more when there is something special I want to share.  There will also be a Fit-Fact on each blog with some interesting statistic or idea to help you.  And there will be a spiritual nugget in the Manna from Heaven section.

Feel free to write me any comments or suggestions.  I would love to get them!  And let’s pray for each other.  All of us sure do need that.

My prayer is that this will be a place for you find comfort and help so that your life will be full of peace and joy, just as the Lord intended.

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